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Cooking Lactose Free

by Jenni on August 15, 2011

If you are lactose intolerant, you can still have dairy! Strategies to manage lactose intolerance should be individualized and can include consuming small amounts of milk at a time, preferably with food, yogurt with live and active cultures, natural cheeses, and lactose-free dairy foods (e.g., lactose-free milk). Lactose-free milk, which comes in various fat levels and flavors, is real milk just without the lactose.

The Dairy & Nutrition Council of Indiana (DNCI) worked with students of the Ivy Tech NMC, Culinology Class 2011 to create modern recipes that are lactose free for people whom are lactose intolerant. Since the DNCI is celebrating 80 years of nutrition and dairy education they also paired the moderan lactose free recipe with the traditional recipes.

For more of these recipes visit the Dairy & Nutrition Council of Indiana’s booth at Our Land Pavillion at the Indiana State Fair!