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The Race Is On!

by Jenni on May 25, 2010

Bump Day is when the field for the Indy 500 is set. The drivers and their teams work so hard to get their cars ready for this huge event, and one of our biggest events of the year occurs the Tuesday before Race Day, and it is the annual Fastest Rookie Luncheon. This occasion has been part of the Indy 500 tradition for more than 30 years now, and it celebrates the rookie driver who qualifies with the fastest time. The fastest rookie that was who was honored today at the Fastest Rookie Luncheon was Mario Romancini, driving for Conquest Racing.


Milk Man Delivers

by rachel on May 20, 2010

Only seventeen people in the world are eligible to be selected as the dairy farmer who gets to hand over the ice cold bottle of milk to the winning driver of the Indianapolis 500. The position lasts two years. The first year (the “rookie” year), the selected individual gives the milk to the Chief Mechanic […]


Cheesy Gooey Grilled Goodness

by Jenni on May 19, 2010

The track just opened and qualifications begin this week! So, let’s fire up the grill and get ready to add zip and zing to an American favorite–the burger! If you’re not sure exactly what to include for your burger, check out these recipes. Let us know what your favorite burger is in honor of May being National Burger Month. Don’t want to make your own burger? Check out the Food Network’s list of great burger joints throughout the States. Cheese-burger.net also has more information about burgers than one could ever imagine!


It's National Salad Month, mmmm!

by Jenni on May 13, 2010

If you live in Indianapolis and are a race fan, you know that May is packed with beer, brats and burgers! And while initially it may not sound the most pleasing, all great food must be balanced with a bit of the garden. In celebration of National Salad Month and the Indianapolis 500 Race to Victory Lane let me give you some salad suggestions that eat like meals and don’t deprive you of any weekend temptations!


ISSMA State Show Choir Champions

by Jenni on May 11, 2010

Approximately 200,000 students will participate in musical events in 2010 under the leadership of the Indiana State School Music Association (ISSMA). Milk is the official beverage of all ISSMA events and is used to celebrate victory at competitions. Likewise, the American Dairy Association of Indiana, Inc. (ADAI) is the corporate sponsor of all ISSMA events. It acknowledges the efforts of music students, their parents, music educators and Indiana’s dairy farmers in their commitment to music education. Indiana Dairy Farmers’ financial support includes twelve $1000.00 scholarships to be awarded annually to the ISSMA State Champion Schools for Concert Band, Concert Choir, Concert Orchestra, Show Choir, and Marching Band.


Ladies and gentlemen, start your tortoises! This year’s Zoopolis 500 presented by the American Dairy Association is the 29th edition of the greatest spectacle in tortoise racing! The Zoopolis 500 is the Indianapolis Zoo’s version of the Indy 500 and will be held on the traditional Wednesday (May 26) before the big race. The event features Chief Announcer for the Indianapolis Motor Speedway Radio Network Mike King and 2004 IRL Series Champion Tony Kanaan. Entry to the world-renowned Zoopolis 500 is free with regular Zoo admission.


What happens in Victory Lane minutes after the winner of the 500 mile race is determined? He climbs out of his race car, removes his helmet and headgear, dons the Victory Wreath, and he takes a swig of ice-cold nutritious and delicious milk from a traditional glass quart bottle! This is a ceremony recognized around the world as unique to the Indianapolis 500. Can you believe it all began with buttermilk? Three-time Indy 500 winner, Louis Meyer, often drank buttermilk because his mother told him it would refresh him. Shortly after his second Indianapolis 500 victory in 1936, he was photographed drinking his usual beverage of choice, buttermilk.


Are You Green? Dairy Farmers Are!

by Deb Osza on April 19, 2010

Dairy farmers work hard every day to bring you fresh, great tasting, wholesome milk products. Almost all dairies are family-owned, and as active members of their communities, farm families take pride in maintaining natural resources. That means preserving the land where they live and work, protecting the air and water they share with neighbors, and providing the best care for their cows—the lifeblood of their business.

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Easy Easter Elegance – Week 3

by Jenni on March 31, 2010

The Lemon Tart! Wow, what can I say, this is a great flavored tart with spunk! It is classic Barefoot Contessa, great flavor, intense color, and EASY. The approximate cost of this meal is $10/person and it will feed 6-8 people. So, I hope you have enjoyed my first holiday series along with the recipes, grocery list and approximate food cost. Have a wonderful holiday weekend, and I will meet you back at the table very soon to help your family use dairy creatively and tastefully in new and delicious recipes.


Easy Easter Elegance – Week 2

by Jenni on March 24, 2010

Last week I gave you the menu and first set of recipes to prepare for a great Easter meal. This week we’ll work on the Stuffed Dinner Rolls, Bourban Ham, and 3-D Mashed Potatoes. All of these recipes are listed on the “Recipes” tab of this page, but if you keep reading here, you will find the recipe tips. Next week we’ll practice the dessert. Meanwhile, remember that it is time for everyone to come back to the table and help in the kitchen. So, try to include everyone as this is where you learn what’s going on in each other’s lives.